Giovanni’s is the most unique company that will take your project from the creating concept to fulfilling your dream!  John’s Designs are award winning and have been featured in “D” Magazine.

The keys to a successful construction project are good design, good planning and good communication with your contractors. The planning phase – everything that happens before anyone bangs a nail – is the hardest part of any project. With good planning, the “sticks and bricks” part of the project goes smoothly and quickly with few surprises. You get the project and quality you want at the price you’ve agreed to without cost overruns, delays, disputes, or disappointment.

Project management is a full-time job best left to those who have experience in the construction field. Imagine trying to handle this yourself? In most scenarios, this just isn’t a good idea. Allow us to help. With over 30 years of experience, we can safely guide you through the construction process and make sure you are amazed by the results.