Giovanni’s is the most unique home remodeling company in Dallas that will take your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project from the creating concept to fulfilling your dream! John’s Designs are award winning and have been featured in “D” Magazine.

Maybe you want to rescue your old Dallas style home from the ‘80s. Or perhaps your newer Neo-Craftsman isn’t quite Craftsman enough. For any style home, we are experts at replacing, making or installing windows, doors, moldings, fixtures and period details.

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With our decades of experience, you can be confident your home’s vintage beauty will shine through even while you’re enjoying the latest appliances, energy-saving windows or space-saving built-ins.

How does our design-build process work? It starts with your phone call or email. Our homeremodeling contractors will talk about your ideas and gather a comprehensive picture of your remodeling project. We will then schedule a visit to your home for a free initial consultation. When you sign a design agreement, we will produce a design that fits your budget.

Home Interior Remodeling

InteriorRemodeling Contractors in Dallas

Your home is a reflection of who you’re and it must include some home interior remodeling elements that you have personalized for yourself and your family.

At Giovanni Designs, we specialize in high-end projects that require expert knowledge and attention to detail about the product and material selection.

Our team of licensed remodeling contractors offers a range of home improvement services, including bathroom remodeling,kitchen remodeling, apartment painting and more. Every project is carefully planned and intended for maximum energy efficiency and competence.

Our home remodeling process involves:

  1. Consultation

At the initial consultation, our home remodeling contractors gain insight into the of the project by discussing elements such as design themes, motifs, timeline,materials to be used and the general financial constraints.

  1. Design Process

During this phase, all selected elements are integrated with wall elevations,floor plans and a 3D image to help you visualize the actual space. Revisions are done, if needed.

Product samples and full-color artist renderings are offered.Moreover, finishing elements such as counter top materials,glass enclosures, hardware, door styles,plumbing fixtures,appliances and stone vs. tile layouts are all integrated into the design.

  1. Installation

Once the home remodeling projectis approved by the client, a contract that includes the detailed design plans, finalized project description and pricing is prepared and signed. The product delivery is scheduled and we coordinate with our in-house licensed installers,project managers and design consultants to execute the installation and renovation.

  1. Final Touches

At Giovanni Designs, it’s all about getting the job done right.Once the project is completed, we take the time to do the necessary finishing touches to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Beautify your Home: Personalized Home Interior Remodeling!

At Giovanni Designs, our professionals stay current on the latest industry trends, techniques and tools including 3D renderings &CAD drawings to provide quality home remodeling in Dallas.

Whether you live in an apartment, condo or a co-op, our high-end interior renovation will transform your home into the one you’ve always wanted.

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